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  1. 9-20-2014 — It’s been a busy week. I’m telling you, I drive a lot…drive, drive, drive. I drove about 122 miles alone on Monday. Maybe I should get a medal for all this driving. Anyone else out there who drives a lot for their jobs? Is it tiring for you? It is to me. Mainly because I feel the need to drive defensively. Oh well, that’s life.

    So, this has been a week of death. My sister’s really good friend died of pancreatic cancer (he was only 50 years old), my hospice patient died (I volunteer at Providence Hospice), and I went to an in-service for Providence Hospice and we watched a movie about death: “The Griefwalker.” Somehow the topic of death doesn’t bother me. Ever since I started doing music therapy in hospice, it kind of gave me a new lease on life, especially with my music and how I can touch others. It’s very rewarding for me ~ a new audience.


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